Resveratrol and Weight Loss – Is it the Magic Slimming Pill?

You must have heard so much about the connection between resveratrol and weight loss. Weight management practitioners have even turned the recent popularity of this vital nutrient into a hype – promoting it as the new ‘magic pill’. However the question is, does it really do what these hypes claim that it does?

The fact is that no test has been done on humans in that regard, however studies done on rats show that there really exists a relationship between resveratrol and weight loss.

Research shows that its antioxidant properties may help to suppress appetite and increase the rate of metabolism thereby helping to burn more calories. As we know when these three things happen, there is every tendency that you will lose weight.

There is nothing wrong with connecting resveratrol and weight loss, but it is important to note that it is just one of the many benefits of this vital nutrient. This one benefit should not be over blown or allowed to overshadow other more important health benefits inherent in this wonderful nutrient.

It has been proven to be beneficial to those with type 2 diabetes, alzheimer’s cancer and many others. In fact it is helpful to the general our general well being and studies have shown that it is one of the best anti-aging nutrients available.

Therefore instead of focusing on the connection between resveratrol and weight loss, I would advise that you look beyond that and think of all the other numerous benefits of the nutrient.

You should also remember that there is no short cut to losing those excess pounds; you need to eat good diet of mostly fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly for any slimming program to be effective.

As to the best it should be taken, although you can get this nutrient from fruits such purple and red grapes or red wine, studies show that the best source is nutritional supplement. This is because to get the quantity off the nutrient your body needs, you need to eat lots and lots of fruits or drink several bottles of red wine because resveratrol is easily destroyed by the stomach acid.

However taking a supplement that has enteric coating will help to protect the nutrient till it gets to the small intestines and absorbed into your blood stream.

To get the best out the supplement, it is better to buy one that contains other important nutrients that will also help you burn fat such as green tea and olive leaf extract. These nutrients are more effective when they work together in synergy.

Now that you know that the relationship between resveratrol and weight loss is not that of a ‘magic wand’ I hope you will now focus more on the general benefits you can derive from the nutrient.

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