Lack Of Sleep Side Effects – Very Dangerous

Lack Of Sleep Side Effects

An enormous amount of people think lacking sleep and sleeping troubles are a common thing which isn’t that big a deal. Although true in some cases, many of them don’t realize that a serious lack of sleep can be an incredibly dangerous thing. Why? Because there are numerous lack of sleep side effects that can not only affect your personal life, they can affect your professional life as well.

The Side Effects of Lacking Sleep…

1. Tired. I’m not talking about the “Boy-o-boy, it’s been a long day” kind of tired. I’m talking about a constant, never-ending feeling of total exhaustion. Doesn’t matter if you worked for 5 hours, walked to the mailbox, or even went to pick up the TV remote off the floor, you feel physically and mentally drained.

2. Hunger Changes. You either have a ravenous hunger or you have a total disgust for food and haven’t been eating. Whatever the case may be, it’s not normal and you are likely to lose or gain wait during this period of sleeplessness. Lack Of Sleep Side Effects

3. Stress Buckling. No matter how small the responsibility is, you feel like you can’t handle it. It’s too much and you feel as through everything is crashing down upon you. Note: This is a very troublesome lack of sleep side effect, as it will impair your working ability and could even cause you to lose your job.

4. Much Angrier. You’re immensely irritable and you snap at anything that bothers you, which is currently everything. The smallest question or “favor” you are asked and you feel like you could kill someone. Friends, family, strangers, they all irritate you to no end.

5. No Focus. The task could be as simple as watching TV or as complex as installing an electrical system. Whatever it is though, you just can’t seem to keep your mind concentrated on it. You’re floating off into the depths of your mind, thinking about all sorts of different things, and just all around not interested in what it is you are in charge of doing. This lack of sleep side effect is not only bothersome, it’s downright dangerous if you happen to be in a hazardous environment — like on the road for instance. Lack Of Sleep Side Effects

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