Green Tea: The Secret to Lose Weight!

Green Tea, coined as a miracle drink, seems to have an endless list of benefits one can get from it. It has been proven to help in curing cancer, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases, and the list goes on and on. One of these benefits has something to do with weight loss.

Known to have been used by the Chinese for over 4,000 years now as an alternative medicine, green tea has also been believed to help in weight reduction. Neighboring country, Japan, also believes the same. As a matter of fact, best quality green tea in Japan receives very high demand that there is always a problem with their local supply. Have not you noticed, it is very unlikely that you will find a Japanese that is overweight? The answer is because they have an incredible affinity towards green tea.

Time and again, it has been proven that green tea, indeed, has its say on weight loss. A study done by a psychologist named William Rumpler discovered that its caffeine content accounts for its weight reduction capabilities. Rumpler’s research studied the calorie input and the fat reduction capacity of the drink. It aimed to answer whether drinking green tea encourages one to work more, exercise, more, thus the result is conversion of fat into energy. The test asked people to drink water enriched with caffeine and also asked an equal number of others who were given a strong green tea. The results came in and it identified that those people who were given green tea were actually those who are more energetic and eager versus those who were given only caffeine.

Its caffeine content may bring in the argument that it causes the weight loss. Although, scientists are yet to identify what exactly contributes to the weight loss, thus, this still needs further research.

Nevertheless, available studies already identified several medicinal benefits from taking in green tea. It is rich in EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate which is a very powerful antioxidant. It cleans our bodily system and frees it from free radicals. Drinking green tea also helps in lowering down the cholesterol level in the body. And most importantly, drinking it means your risk of acquiring cancer becomes significantly low.

Drinking green tea definitely is worth including in your health plans. It definitely delivers beyond what you expect from it. It is very natural thus, it is safest to use. Get rid of those synthetic drugs, or surgical operations just to achieve those curves. We are all aware that drugs may potentially have poisonous side effects, whereas, surgical alternative may cause scars. Not to mention both come at a high price. Green tea is definitely the most natural and healthiest way of shedding off unnecessary fat from your body. You should already know the secret by now, to achieve those small hips and perfect curves, balance a healthy lifestyle and blend it with green tea.

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The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

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