Benefits of Green Tea Supplements – Discover the Amazing Weight Loss Properties of Green Tea

Have you been struggling to lose weight without success? Then green tea supplements may be the solution you have been looking for. A growing number of people are now using it to slim down because it contains properties that help you burn fats.

Studies show that green tea extract is effective in burning off calories. In other words, it helps to boost your metabolism. Research studies have proven than it can increase your rate of calorie expenditure up to 4%. The Catechin polyphenols present in green tea supplements are responsible for this metabolic boost, which consequently reduces fat.

When the catechin polyphenols work together with the caffeine content, they produce heat, which is called thermogenesis. In other words, through this physiological process they encourage the body to burn calories and consequently reducing fat content. Hence, it is an excellent aid when you want to get rid of a few pounds. Don’t forget to add it to your daily weight loss plan.

Now you can see why many diets, geared towards losing weight, always incorporate the use of green tea supplements to stimulate metabolism.

Another great benefit is that it helps control the sugar levels of your blood. This is due to the catechins it contains; this substance slows down the process of fat transforming into sugar. If your body takes longer time to assimilate fat, you will end up with less sugar in your bloodstream. Normally right after eating, your glucose level rises, but with regular consumption of green tea supplements, the sugar level will stay at an acceptable level.

Green tea is not only reputed for burning fat and alleviating diabetes, it also helps in reducing your triglycerides level. Its polyphenols components are responsible for the slowing down of lipolysis of triglycerides. So, if the fat you consume takes longer to be digested, you will have less accumulated fat in your body.

If you want maximum benefits, it is recommended that you take green tea supplements that contain other vital nutrients such as olive leaf extract, turmeric, black cumin, lycopene and others. The synergistic benefits of these nutrients working together are better than what you will get from a single nutrient supplement.

You should also ensure that the supplement is enteric coated in order to protect the nutrients from being destroyed by the stomach acid before they are absorbed into your bloodstream.

Now that you know that you can actually use green tea supplements for weight loss, you can check online for a brand that contains multiple nutrients; you can also take advantage of my research and check out the nutritional supplement I discovered that contains over 70 vital nutrients.

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