Ibs Diet Day 27&28

Bell Peppers – Providing the Best Balance
Whether green, red, orange, or yellow, bell peppers contain some of the best nutrients. They are an excellent source of vitamins A, B, and C, as well as folic acid. Bell peppers combine well with starchy foods (potatoes, carrots, and squash) as part of a vegetarian diet that works well for individuals with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. Nutritional information for people with these conditions stresses alkaline foods such as dark green vegetables and bell peppers – foods known to be high in vitamins and antioxidants.
The diet for these patients focuses on alkaline foods because they balance acids in the body. Balance is the key for people with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. It translates to less pain and more energy. Actually, this alkaline diet can be a healthy choice for anyone.
Bell peppers are known as defenders against colon cancer. The fiber in peppers helps reduce the amount of contact that colon cells have with cancer-causing toxins in certain foods or bacteria. As well, their vitamin C and folic acid, as well as beta-carotene, are all associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer.
Red peppers (like pink grapefruit) contain lycopene – a carotenoid believed to protect against prostate cancer and cancers of the cervix, bladder, and pancreas. In addition, red bell peppers, as well as tangerines, oranges, peaches, pumpkin, corn, and papaya, are rich in an orange-red carotenoid known as beta-cryptoxanthin. This substance is believed to lower one’s risk of developing lung cancer.
Bell peppers are a popular vegetable. In fact, green or red bell peppers are used in Tom Yum soup – the favorite soup of Thailand. Based on its ingredients (lime leaves, cherry tomatoes, and more), this soup is thought to boost the immune system. People can enjoy bell peppers in interesting ways.
Halve and pit an avocado. ‘Dip’ in bell pepper pieces, as well as broccoli, carrot, and celery, and enjoy a fresh snack. Fill cored bell peppers (whole or halved) with avocados and vegetables and create a refreshing and healthy choice. Chopped bell pepper can also be combined with celery, tomato, lemon juice, and other ingredients for salsa or guacamole.

After several years of intestinal and digestive problems, Richard was diagnosed six years ago with Crohn’s/Colitis. When he was told that surgery could be the only solution to relieve his symptoms, Richard was determined to find a better way. After enduring a water fast and embarking on a raw food diet, Richard is symptom-free and enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle. http://www.crohnscolitiswaterfast.com/

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